2020 ULLI Membership Form

(formerly Shalom Center for  Continuing Education)
"Sponsoring learning and education since 2000"
P. O. Box 167, Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578
A Tax Deductible Way to Support Uplands Lifelong Learning Institute

Because our grant donations have fallen by approximately two-thirds in recent years, we are seeking other ways to raise funds to support our educational mission. In addition to exploring new sources for grant funds, finding sponsors for programs, offering short courses for a nominal tuition fee, and encouraging donations for our weekend programs, we are offering a tax deductible Membership for $50 a year. Members will receive a 50% discount on short course tuition and advance notice of upcoming programs.

To become a member, fill out the form below and return it with your check payable to ULLI to one of the addresses listed below. You will receive a membership card and receipt for tax purposes. For more information, call Janeen Carroll at: 931 277-5114.

Uplands Lifelong Learning Institute appreciates your support as we begin the new year. For those of you who were 2019 members of Shalom, we thank you and hope you will renew your membership in ULLI for 2020.

(formerly Shalom Center for Continuing Education)

Name: _______________________________________________________________________




Please enclose a check for $50 and mail to: ULLI, Attn: Larry Burch, 67 Church Drive, P.O.Box 167, 
Pleasant Hill, TN 38578 or put it in Larry Burch's Heritage mailbox. Thank you for your support.